IT Infrastructure Engineer / Technical Projects Coordinator

Fantastic new opportunity for an Engineer / Project Manager with a technical background in infrastructure cabling design and/or IT infrastructure construction site management, to provide professional IT project services to our Tokyo-based clients.

With the support of our experienced senior project managers this role affords many opportunities to continue to learn and develop professional project management consulting skills and knowledge for other areas of technology infrastructure.

This challenging customer-facing role offers the opportunity to work with many different multinational enterprise client companies to help manage the planning and implementation of data cabling design and construction projects.

The role includes:
  • Attending meetings with clients for defining requirements and to conduct site surveys
  • Designing structured cabling systems and / or managing the design process with Cabling design vendors.
  • Coordinating quotation requirements, analysing cost proposals from vendors and preparing and issuing analysis reports.
  • Issuing order forms and organizing required project documents.
  • Holding status meetings with data cabling and equipment rack vendors, plus responsible IT groups and other project members and stakeholders.
  • Efficiently manage and maintain the cabling designs and documentation, using AutoCAD, MS Excel, MS Visio or other cable database software tools.
  • Proposing solutions for outstanding cabling issues
  • Communicating and coordinating with client end-users, technical project teams and vendors to ensure smooth delivery of projects, on time.
  • Supervising construction activities on-site and preparing status reports

  • Technical knowledge of networking / cabling infrastructure design and construction standards and experience working in the data cabling or IT facilities industry.
  • Ability to understand architectural and electrical drawings.
  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Excel, Visio, AutoCAD and MS Project
  • Ability to demonstrate Project Coordination skills relevant to data cabling and technology infrastructure projects.
  • Strong team leadership and people management skills
  • Flexibility and genuine interest in learning technical knowledge for supporting networked computers and servers is a big advantage.

  • Professional level written & verbal communication skills in Japanese and / English (preferably both).



  • 顧客との打合せに出席やサイトサーベイ
  • 構内配線やワークエリア配線の設計 または、ケーブリングベンダーの管理
  • 見積もりやコスト分析を含んだベンダー関係管理
  • ベンダー発注プロセス管理や発注文書管理
  • 定例会議への参加、プロジェクト進捗管理と、各ステークホルダ及びプロジェクトメンバーへの連絡及びレポーティング
  • 様々なツール( AutoCAD、Excel、Visioなど)を使用してのドキュメンテーション及び設計管理
  • 問題解決時の適切なソリューション提案
  • 関係各所との円滑なやり取りや、プロジェクトチームやベンダーに対する進捗管理
  • 統合施工管理と報告書作成

  • ケーブリングやケーブリングデザインの経験、または同プロジェクトにおけるプロジェクトコーディネーションの経験
  • ITファシリティ業界での経験
  • 建築図面や電気配線図が理解出来れば尚可
  • Microsoft Excel、Visio、AutoCAD、MS Projectなどのツールの使用経験
  • チーム間、または対顧客におけるコーディネーション能力
  • リーダーシップやチームマネジメントの経験
  • コンピュータネットワーク全般に対する強い学習意欲をお持ちの方を歓迎いたします。

  • 日本語のビジネスレベル以上の読み書き及び会話
  • 英語の中級レベル以上の読み書き及び会話
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